Tabs left open from csv,conf,v6

May 05, 2021

CSVConf is over, and all I have left are memories and a large number of open tabs.

Calm Code has a nice diversity of introduction videos to various tools.

Deploying Datasette on Glitch. Datasette is a really cool lightweight way to expose a dataset on a webpage, and it’s super easy to create an instance on Glitch, upload a CSV with coordinates, and have a map of your data that’s interactive.

In addition to the Datasette + Glitch setup that he showed off during his excellent keynote, Simon Willison also showed off a cool website he had created with Datasette, Niche Museums. Someone on the Slack compared to Roadside America which I will probably have to use on my road trip(s) this summer. looks like it might be a great data hosting platform.

Frictionless Data looks like it might be an emerging standard way of annotating data.

Vercel was recommended as a great alternative to AWS / GCP hosting.

Hosting SQLite databases on Github Pages. This is a pretty incredible hackup of WebAssembly + JS to query statically-hosted SQLite databases.

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